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Soccer is the fastest growing sport in the United States at the moment, despite what anyone would like to tell you.

Major League Soccer ranks third in attendance behind the NFL and MLB at 18,807 per year.

For the second consecutive year, Major League Soccer has set new marks for attendance.

Overall, the league average grew more than five percent, coming in at 18,807. This bettered the 2011 mark of 17,844 by nearly 1,000 fans per game.

MLS regular-season attendance in 2012 topped the 6 million mark for the first time ever, with a total of 6,074,729 fans. For the fourth year in a row, it was the Seattle Sounders who led the way, averaging 43,144 fans per game – a league and team record.

Four other clubs averaged more than 20,000 fans per game, another league record. Eight clubs averaged more than 19,000 fans, up from five in 2011.

MLS also finished seventh in global average attendance.

Its second division counterpart, the North American Soccer League, has also reached attendance highs this past season.

Regular season attendance for the NASL increased from 3,779 in 2011 to 3,810 this year, despite the Montreal Impact (who averaged over 11,500 fans last year) moving to Major League Soccer following the conclusion of the 2011 NASL season.

The San Antonio Scorpions averaged 9,176 fans per game over 14 home games. Atlanta’s average of 4,505 was nearly a 60% increase over the previous season’s average of 2,866.

So, why talk about this? Why is this “Our Mission”? Simple, we are a site that focus on news from the all levels of the US Soccer pyramid.

Our purpose is not to inform you with the everyday statistics and quotes those common sports writers provide you with. When 90 Minutes Strong was created, we wanted to offer the fans insight beyond the box score. We know that fans want to hear about more than just last night’s game, so we compile statistical analysis and well-supported opinions in order to add another dimension to your fan IQ. It is not about “hearing it first here,” but rather giving you another perspective on the sports world.


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