Red Force FC: A close-knit soccer team on the road to glory

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Red Force FC has their eyes set on the prize for their current season as they are aiming to go to the playoffs and continue to hold onto their current winning streak.

The team is currently 4W-1D-0L this season, with their next game coming up June 13 versus South Florida FC at Dade Christian High School. Red Force FC’s season started back on April 12th with a 4-1 victory over PB Piranhas FC.

The team is based in Miami, Fla., where they play in the American Premier Soccer League (APSL). The APSL was founded this year and it is an affiliated league of the United States Adult Soccer Association.

Red Force was founded back in the year 2009. It is a family operated team coached by Gabriel Vega and managed by Juan Vega. Other members include the club’s president, Christian Vega, and vice president, Adrian Vega.

Gabriel Vega shed some light on how he feels about the team’s current success and what the team’s work ethic is like week by week.

“We keep practicing hard and have tactics that allow us to succeed week by week,” Vega said. “The results are equal to what we put into practice. If we have a bad practice then the results will be similar. We pride ourselves in the camaraderie we have and this bond makes it easier to come together as a team. We view ourselves as one big family.”

Gabriel’s son, Christian Vega, also commented on the team’s close bond and how that translates into victory on the field.

“The fact that some of the players have been playing together for years helps us out a lot,” Vega said. “Everyone on the team is really close so it helps in getting to know each player’s strengths and weaknesses on the field. Coach Gabriel has been the coach of this team since the beginning. His experience has been essential to the team’s success and close bond.”

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